PharmaTropin (HGH) 100UI (Phcm)

100Units Pharmacom Human Growth hormone (10vials of 10UI each)

The Human Growth Hormone Pharmacom is considered as the best in the Market , The PharmaTropin profits of the highest purity GH compound in the market.

By proposing a '' Peptides'' range Pharmacom enlarge their catalog in order to satisfy all atheltes looking For high Grade manufactured Peptides ...

We shall not forget the youthful effects of the HGH on the Human body's Cells. The GH can be used as a youthful (cycle) .

Human Growth hormone increase the lean Body Mass (Muscles) and drop the percentage of the body Fat significatively ..It is used to Balance properly the ratio bodyFat/Muscles even if you do not workout .

Recommanded Usage :

Bodybuilder & Atheletes : 4UI/Day to 8UI/Day
Youthful cycle : 2UI/Day to 4UI/Day