SteroidsFax FAQ

 At steroidsfax, customer satisfaction only starts with our vast array of products – we like to continuously deliver results throughout the ordering process too, straight through to the end of your product cycle.
We’re going to strive to answer the majority of important questions most people will have in regards to using our site on this page, but this doesn’t mean that we’re going to address them all.
It’s really important that you message the team if there’s anything specific you need to ask us – we’re always keen to ensure that you know everything there is to know about the ordering process before making a commitment to purchase any of the items in our range.
Please browse through the below questions to find the answers to our most common questions.

Q: Shipping Time-Frame
A: Order times are going to vary based on location.
We like to get your items to you within the minimal time frame possible, and this is always our priority.
Please observe these shipment guidelines:
l  4-6 days for Europe
l  7-10 days for North America
l  7-12 days for the rest of the world
Please look out for further instructions as soon as you commit to buying an item as this will help speed things up greatly.
We ask that you wait 14 days from dispatch before getting in touch with us – being that we’re an international company, we have facilities all over the world.
With some luck, we may have one located near you, but if we do not, then the delivery time will obviously be a little longer – this is why we must ask that you wait for the full 14-day duration before raising a query.
We are unable to reveal our locations to you under any circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q: Payment Methods Accepted
A Not everyone likes to use the same method of payment, so we’ve provided you with what we feel are three of the safest, most convenient options possible for purchasing our products.
You can order using BitCoin, WesternUnion or MoneyGram – all of which are heavily encrypted to guarantee the total discretion of your details at all times.
It’s important that you use your real identity when sending funds as this can cause complications when it comes to order processing and may lead to your funds being “trapped”.
Always try to send payments in person with Moneygram or WesternUnion. Online payments are frequently cancelled due to their stringent security guidelines.

Q: What To Do After An Order Is Paid
A: When an order has been paid, login to the website then click on the link that says “send payment information.”
When this has been done you’ll be presented with a form to fill in. Upon receipt of the completed form, you’ll see text saying “payment information received.”
Within 24 hours, we’ll change your details which will then be reflected by the “paid” status. We do not withdraw payments on weekends – this may lead to a delay should you send payment on (for instance) a Friday.
After this, simply sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

Q: Will My Package Be Discreet?
A: We ship all of our products out in an unmarked box to ensure that there’s zero indication as to what may be inside.
This is highly convenient for those who need to sign for their goods in public places or amongst family – it simply means that you won’t have to face any embarrassing situations.

Q: Tracking One Of Our Shipments
A: After completing an order, you’ll get the relevant information needed to follow every step of your packages journey towards your chosen delivery destination.
To follow its progress, simply head onto or click on the relevant link on our FAQ page to take you directly to the tracking portal.

Q: What If I Have An Issue With My Order?
A: In the unlikely event that you experience anything negative with an item like:
l  An item is missing
l  You have been sent the wrong item
l  Your item(s) is/are damaged
Please use our contact form to raise a query, after which we’ll promptly address your needs.
Please note that you MUST sign for your package no matter what condition it is in when it arrives, otherwise we’ll be unable to help you. This is because we require images of the packaging and contents to evaluate the level of damage.
Should you enter the wrong delivery details whilst processing your order, we will be unable to fulfil any return requests.

Note that Our reshipping policies DO NOT cover the following countries in case of seizure : Australia, New Zealand, Canada.
If you’ve got any further questions, message us at any time for further assistance. Please note that we cannot provide guidance on side effects – you must consult with your GP for advice.
You’ll find the details on specific items on the relevant product pages on our site including everything from dosage guidelines to how to use an item appropriately.